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Its the new kid!

Hi There and welcome to my brand new blog!


Since this is my first entry I should talk about my self briefly and what’s this blog is going to be about. :3


My name is Amy and I’m 20 years old. I’m a Taurus and my birthday is May 14th. I went to ITT Tech in King of Prussia and graduated with an associate’s degree in graphic design.  I’m passionate about art especially anime and manga! I love to draw and learn new things that can expand my art horizons. I think one of my favorite things about drawing is that I can share it with other people and share ideas! Even though I’m not a social person I do like to get to know people with similar interests. I also like to make people happy and spread the contagious feeling of happiness!


My biggest dream is to become a game designer but till then I’ll shoot for my second bigger dream, which is to have my own business making cute things! I remember seeing people make cute donuts and charms. When I realized that I wanted to do it myself I got my last $20 dollars and got some polymer clay. That was about a year ago and I’m still making cute food and charms. I want to start selling them soon but till then I’ll have fun clogging my room with the charms I made!


My current love is Japanese deco den. Its fun experiment with different products and materials to make realistic looking food. I think my favorite person who does it is Dolce deco. She’s amazing and quite the inspiration!


As far as I will use this blog is for the adventures of me trying make my 2nd dream come true, having my own business! I’ll use this blog to show case my craft pictures, articles, projects and tutorials of all kinds! I Also want this blog to be an outlet for people to get to know me better. I hope I get to meet a lot of wonderful people here as well as make some new friends!


Sorry if the introduction was a bit long! XD I hope I will see you around soon!


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Dec. 30th, 2010 02:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I hope to see you around as well!
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